NY Times

Cool design with blood-red passion drives this martial arts tale, which touches familiar bases yet feels fresh, dynamic and fully realized.

The clashes are marvels, graceful and kinetic.

This production takes the art to a dancelike level, merging it with the multitalented Mr. Ho’s jazzy score.

Mr. Ho – a prolific author, performer, jazz musician and opera composer, who conceived “She-Wolf” – has a lot to be proud of.

New York Times Theater Listing

Expertly staged

Fred Ho (who wrote the script with Ruth Margraff), composed the jazzy score, a surprising fit with the period setting.

artful set design, gorgeous costumes and fight choreography elevated to heights of dancelike grace.

Woman Around Town

Joyfully innovative…elegant…a flurry of samurai sword-fighting, Matrix-like slow-mo maneuvering, and simple but universal exposition…

Perfect for all lovers of swashbuckling adventure with exotic flair… this exhilarating fusion of genres and cultures is both cutting edge and highly enjoyable.


Ferocity and skill…richly layered…a beautifully varied array of performance…with both refinement and expertise… dazzling in virtuosity and engaging. In this tale, everyone is fallible…no one emerges unscathed from an allegiance to the sword.

Libertas Film Magazine

Impressively choreographed by lead actor Yoshi Amao for swords and Emanuel Brown (Electro in Broadway’s Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark) for martial arts beatdowns.

The stagecraft of She-Wolf is quite impressive.

A strong ensemble all around.

will delight fans of Samurai comic books and films, and does so with a uniquely theatrical style.

The East Village


a visual masterpiece.

JapanCulture NYC

Beyond the baritone sax and the King Kong death palm-fighting style is a good story, one of facing the inner conflict of loyalty to one’s country (or master) and loyalty to one’s family (even if you didn’t know you had one).

And they do this without saying a word. They tell their stories through the voice – or voices, rather – of the omnipresent, all-knowing Narrator, played by the impressive Marina Celander.

Asian in NY

A sound, movement and lighting experience


Entertaining…impressive and cheer-inducing skill..(with) a story of loss and misplaced family loyalty.

Electronic Link Journey

Fan-snappingly good

The incredibly athletic actors are forceful and graceful, moving through the swordplay with swirling, spinning, and sometimes slo-mo virtuosity.